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It’s time for Hong Kong hip-hop to take center stage. Mic Check One, tells the story behind the genesis of Whats Good Music Awards, Hong Kong’s first hip-hop and R&B awards show, stemming from a 20 year long dream from Phat, a member of one of Hong Kong’s most iconic hip-hop group, LMF.

From days when all the hip-hop artists could fit into a small room backstage to today – where the plethora of talents pushing boundaries, defiant in taking their own stance, and staying true to their beliefs are so abundant and readily accessible – Phat recognises that now is the opportune moment to shake the core of the industry. Together with JBS, his brother in arms from the hip-hop group 24Herbs, Phat establishes What's Good Music Awards that will serve as the first platform to showcase the hip-hop and R&B talents who have been brewing in the shadows of the idol driven music landscape.

The only ambition here is to let the voices of the new generation be heard. Let their talents be recognised and give respect where it’s due.

It’s time to be a force that is impossible to ignore.

With an unadulterated love for Cantonese rap, Phat has spent his career - from LMF, Hong Kong’s pioneering hip-hop group, to 24Herbs, to the myriad of ventures he’s taken on - tirelessly toiling to give Hong Kong hip-hop its time in the sun.

As he ages into his role as advisor to a new generation of hip-hop artists, the talent and passion they exude every day makes one thing abundantly clear - now is the time to change the game.

Along with fellow 24Herbs member JBS, he establishes Whats Good Music Awards. It’s a new dawn for Hong Kong hip-hop, and nothing is getting in Phat’s way.

It’s time to be a force that is impossible to ignore.

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